Ten questions with World Rally Championship Star Craig Breen

Over the last four years Craig Breen has made it into the pages of The Finest on numerous occasions with his Rallying exploits all over the world. As a young Irish Rally star at the top of his game The Finest caught up with Craig to have a quick chat about cars, sure why not!

Craig Breen ( IRL) FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 -WRC Monte Carlo (FRA) -  WRC 18/01/2016 to 24/01/2016 - PHOTO :  @World


Q: When did you first start driving and what car did you drive.


A: I first started driving cars back in 2007, it was a Honda Civic.



Q: What are you currently driving?


A: At the moment I am driving a DS3

FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 -WRC Spain (SPA) -  WRC 13/10/2016 to 16/10/2016 - PHOTO :  @World


Q: What matters to you when you choose a car and how do you look after it?


A: I don’t think I have actually ever owned a car myself. The DS3 I am driving at the moment is part of my contract in that Citroen France is a company car. Ok I think I once owned a Ford fiesta.


Q: How important is your car to your work and social life?


A: The most important things that come to mind are getting to the airport and going to the gym. I would say that the comfort of the car, obviously, the reliability of it are very important, that goes without saying.


Q: Would you fix your appearance while driving your car?


A: No! definitely not. If I had to worry about what people think of how I look personally I would say I am in the wrong business.


Q: Would you lend your car to a family member, friend or colleague?


A: I could if I wanted to, but I am under contract so the car isn’t actually mine. I suppose if they are insured and need it to pop down to the shop or something. The DS3 is a left-hand drive and that may give people here in Ireland an issue as most cars are right hand drive. In fact, all Rally cars are actually left hand drive at a professional level I mean. It is possible that you would find right-hand drive cars at amateur level, but on the pro circuit all cars are left.


Q: If money was no object what car would you drive?


A: That’s a good question, I am actually not that pushed as I am around new cars all the time. I get to drive nice cars anyway! I really like the DS3 that I am currently driving and I will try hard to hang on to that one. I have been told that a Citroen C5 touring is on its way to me and that also sounds like it would be ideal for me.



Q: What advice would you give to young men about motoring?


A: The road in general is a dangerous place, I do a lot of high speed driving in a properly secured car within a controlled environment during training. As you all know I have only recently had personal experience of having been involved in a tragic incident. The problem with driving too fast is that when you are travelling at speed things can go very badly very quickly.


Q:  Do you wear trainers while driving?


A: Whatever is handy at the front door to be honest.


Q: Would you consider using your professional credentials to avoid a parking ticket?


A: Well I suppose you would have to give anything a try once.


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