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A few weeks back I drove a Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo which had a very attractive black and red combination. Last week I had the same colour combination in the sporty-looking Seat Ibiza FR.

IB FR 067

It was mainly black, but with some neat touches of red. Externally the red was used on the side mirrors and alloys, while inside the air vents, steering wheel and seats belts got the red look.


This is not a new car, just a revamps and coincidentally one of rivals has been mentioned as the Fabia Monte Carlo. But as you know Seat and Skoda are all from the same VW stable. Another rival for the Ibiza is the VW Polo.


First impressions are lasting and when I sat into the 1.2-litre TSi FR thought it was a very lively motor. However, you will feel every bump on the road, if you have to negotiate a road that has a lot of speed ramps


Officially it’s 90 brake horse power, which is not massive, but it certainly moves every well. This was the first car in a while that didn’t have stop-start technology. Well, at least it wasn’t turned on and like most things in life it’s only when you drive a car without stop-start that you appreciate the technology.


There are discreet improvements from the previous version, including LED lights, which of course add to the sporty look. Inside I liked the arm-rest for the driver. It can be adjusted to whatever height suits you and underneath is a useful storage space. There are also discreet storage areas under both front seats.


The boot is a decent size and if you leave down the back seat you will be able to carry bulky items. The week I had the car I needed to visit a re-cycling centre and I was impressed with the space available once the back seats were folded down.


Seat say the average age of an Ibiza buyer is 42 years. But I reckon it’s probably a bit lower for the sporty-looking FR. But whatever age you are I think you will enjoy a drive in this lively, attractive-looking motor.


Prices start at €13,595, but the hi-speced FR petrol version I drove will cost you €20,471. Road tax is €200.

8 December 2004; Sean Creedon. Picture credit; Pat Murphy / SPORTSFILE

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