Roscrea a city in waiting?

The population of Ireland is set to rise to 5.6 million residents by 2040 according to experts who are concerned that an additional 900,000 people could completely clog up an already oversubscribed capital city in Dublin where land prices have sky rocketed and infrastructure is already being stretched to breaking point.

The subject of a potential new city in the midlands arose at a Government ‘think in’ as a way of linking up the existing cities in Ireland and potentially creating a brand new business district in the centre or northwest of the country.

Which leads to the question, if it went ahead, where would this new city be built?

A new city would need to be centrally located with the potential to rapidly grow, providing employment and infrastructure in areas that have up till now been left off the agenda almost completely.

If you had a choice what area of the midlands would you think has the potential to become a new city and why?

What geographic advantage does the area have to serve business requirements across the other cities in Ireland like Limerick, Waterford, Cork, Kilkenny and Dublin.

My two cents: Roscrea is the third oldest town in Ireland, it is a town that has a logistics network and existing business structure in place. Situated beside one of the main motorways in Ireland the M7 linking coast to coast, providing a route for Ireland to grow into the future. Roscrea has a manufacturing history and would welcome with open arms new investment and development that would see the workforce return. The current population of (est) 5300 could easily grow with large areas suitable for development of housing and business infrastructure surrounding the town.

Please feel free to leave a comment on what area of the midlands YOU think would be suitable for a new Irish city to be built in.

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  1. Yes, Roscrea would be the ideal place for a new city. But it would need to be planned well, and local people whose families have lived in the are for generations should get first choice of any social houses / flats and be offered the jobs in construction etc before anyone else.

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