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Let us introduce you to a very successful young lady, who is one of Ireland’s leading fashion and beauty bloggers, Suzanne Jackson, aka SoSueMe. Back in July of 2010, Suzanne created, a one stop shop for celebrity fashion, lifestyle and beauty. Since then the success of her blog has succeeded all expectations and voted one of the most influential fashion websites in Ireland. Suzanne also launched her 25 colour gel nail varnish collection, luxurious lashes, contouring palette and her new highlighter palette, which is flying of the shelves, so you better get there quick. For more information on where her products are sold and to keep up with Suzanne’s fashion updates, visit Being a very busy lady, Suzanne spends a lot of her time travelling and being safe is paramount to her, so here we had a chat about all things motoring.


  1. When did you first start driving and what car did you drive?


I first started driving when I was 17. At the time, I was on my mam’s insurance so I was driving her VW Golf. When I got a car of my own however, I got a Fiat Punto.


  1. What are you currently driving?




  1. What matters to you when you choose a car and how do you look after it?


Reliability is a big thing. Because I am on the road so much, I need a car that will not let me down. I also need a nice sized car with plenty of space as I have so many boxes of products to bring to hotels for my workshops. Above all, I need to feel safe in my car. I am on the road all the time so safety is a big factor for me.

Because I love fashion, I also like to have a car that looks nice. For the last 4 year’s I have driven a BMW and it ticks all the boxes for me. I look after it by getting it serviced when required and I also keep it very clean. 


  1. How important is your car to your work and social life?


A car is extremely important to my work life. When we go out at the weekend however, we will usually take a taxi. My car is mainly for work. 


  1. Would you touch up your make up while driving your car?


No, never. I would only apply or touch up my makeup in the car if I were in the passenger seat and someone else was driving. If I were at a complete standstill for ages in traffic, then I might quickly reapply my lipgloss, but that would be about it. 


  1. Would you lend your car to a family member, friend or colleague?


Yes! I always do. Once they notify their insurance first, I have no problem with them lending my car. 


  1. What is your dream car?


I don’t really have one as such but if I had to choose, I think I would pick a Jaguar or an Aston Martin. 


  1. What advice would you give to young women about motoring?


Take as many lessons as you need to ensure you feel as confident as possible on the road. Avoid the motorway until you are fully confident in your skills.


  1. Do you wear high heels or trainers while driving?


I always wear flats when I’m driving.  


  1. Would you consider using your charm to avoid a parking ticket?

No, I have always been a stickler for parking only in the correct spots.

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