30% of North Tipperary residents to become land locked by potential closure of Inter City Bus Services

Thirty percent of the population of North Tipperary faces the potential prospect of becoming land locked if any of the Bus Eireann Inter City services were to be withdrawn as a part of any potential cost cutting measures.

At present Nenagh and Roscrea is served by the Bus Eireann Expressway service which runs from Limerick City to Dublin.

Closure of this route would spell disaster for the 30% of North Tipperary residents who do not drive or have access to a car.

Roscrea and Nenagh also faces the potential loss of the train station service which would have a huge impact on the local economy.

Speaking to local Sinn Fein Councillor Seamie Morris this morning. Seamie told The Finest that ” It is time for the people of North Tipperary to open their eyes and wake up to what is going on around them. They need to start to lobby their TD’s local politicians and fight for their public services. Rural Ireland has lost out time and time again to the big business mentality that see’s Dublin take everything and rural Ireland get nothing. It is time to act together and call a halt to the stripping of public services which are the lifeblood of business and provide access to and from our towns”.

The Finest also spoke to Roscrea based Fianna Fail councillor Michael Smith who said that ” For too long there has been an imbalance of investment throughout certain areas of our country. The bigger cities and especially the region of Dublin see their services enhanced and expanded to the detriment of other counties. The government need to realise that they represent all of the people. It is my intention as an elected public representative to campaign and fight for these services and I will work with all local representatives with the intention of achieving this goal. Those who were honoured to be elected at the recent General Election for Tipperary need to make themselves available to support and fight for these essential services”.




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