Wednesday 28th of October 2020

2018 has been a very busy year for Roscrea’s favourite local Italian restaurant ‘La Serenata’. Restaurant manager Iveta Krusta took time to attend a special week long pizza course during the earlier part of the year as she wanted to bring a new dimension to the freshly prepared offering at the local restaurant. Now customers can enjoy freshly prepared Focaccia breads in a number of different ways. At lunch time the chefs at La Serenata can literally bake the bread to make you a delicious, fresh sandwich made with the finest ingredients, served in Focaccia bread, the possibilities are endless.

The pizza menu has also undergone a transformation through the preparation stage. In the past the pizza dough was kept in the refrigerator, whereas now the dough is kept at room temperature. Also the pizza bases are now thrown in the traditional way rather than rolled, these two changes make a huge difference in the outcome of how the pizza dough cooks.

La Serenata also offer a new range of freshly prepared soups that are made in house and contain no cream or added salt. We would recommend that you try the new Tomato soup or Carrot and Coriander soups This new addition to the menu means that customers can enjoy product that is of the highest quality, made fresh that day, with no preservatives or additives.


Other new additions to the menu include the La Serenata Fillet Chicken Burger, served with home baked bread and a range of toppings to suit all tastes.


Our top recommendation would be the Penne Rosso which would be a regular choice not only as a main when visiting the restaurant, but also as a take away order. For those of you who want to experience the proper traditional Italian pizza experience, why not try the La Serenata Pepperoni Pizza, with the correct thin crust. The pizza will satisfy your hunger and will not leave you feeling bloated.

To contact La Serenata or to make a booking call Iveta on 0505 22431