Friday 3rd of July 2020

It was two years ago that Wally Kirwan first took note of a social media post by Sinead Egan on the subject of the lack of facilities for children with special needs in the town of Roscrea. Wally made a choice to do something and the following two years proved to be a hard road for the Special needs Swing project.

During the course of Wally’s campaign the cost of the project rose from the initial €6,000 cost to a whopping €16,000. The increased cost didn’t deter the project, it had the opposite effect of bringing different groups within the town together to realise a goal of providing equal access to all children to the Glebe playground in Roscrea. At around the midway point of fundraising the local Roscrea councillor Michael Smith became involved in the project with Wally Kirwan and Michael proved to be instrumental in helping to attain the additional funding required to bring the project forward. Funds were also brought in by key individuals such as Maire O’Connor and through local groups such as the Pony Racing Committee. A quiz night was also held at Biddy’s Bar to help raise money for the project.

Fr Pat Treacy blessed the new facility at the official opening and a crowd gathered to watch young Mason’s eyes light up with delight as he became the very first person to make use of the new swing facility at the Glebe playground in Roscrea.

According to Wally Kirwan, keys will be made available for parents who require access to the special needs swing with further announcements to be made on the issue in due course.